web application

Applied business logic in technology

Enterprises reap major benefits of custom web app software in their companies and so should you.

Web App Software are dynamic web portals that combined with cloud server programming, replaces old fashioned desktop software applications. We help small to large companies develop web app software platforms that can perform critical management activities like:

Project Management, Data-base Management, Sales Management, Payment Gateways and eCommerce Platforms, to small custom tools that would make day to day operations easier for department activities or Senior Management.

There is a great business gain in operational flexibility using the web as an operational platform.

Online Banking, Social Networking, Online Bookings, eCommerce or Shopping Cart Applications, Interactive Games, etc, are some examples of the web application software we use daily.

FiveSigma is an expert in following the latest technologies to develop web applications:

Responsive Web Design: Bootstrap, Foundation
Languages: HTML5, CSS3, Less, Sass
Platforms and framework: JavaScript (AngularJS 1&2, Node.js), Java (JEE, Hibernate, Spring, JSF), PHP (Symfony, Zend)
CMS and portals: Drupal, Joomla, WordPress
Continuous integration platform including several tools (Maven, Bamboo, Sonar, JIRA, Git, Subversion, etc.)
Microservices: Node.js, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud.

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